Communities to Explore

Northern Bay

 If you are one of the few that have yet to see the beautiful sandy beach of Northern Bay Sands, this is a must while on vacation to the area. Located in Northern Bay, this beach offers a scenic view of the ocean. Enjoy a walk on the beach, sun bathe, or enjoy a meal at the local take-out or a coffee at the cafe.

Burnt Point

 While Staying at our Sea Arch Efficiency Units, be sure to enjoy the sun and take in the breath taking view of the Sea Arch in Burnt Point. Take in a great view of the ocean and bring a pair of binoculars to see whales or iceburgs.

 Job's Cove

 Enjoy a coffee at the cafe and take a walk along the trail in the quiet peaceful community of Job's cove.

 Old Perlican

Take a walk along the trails in Old Perlican and take in another view of the ocean (Trinity Bay). While visitng, you can observe many fishing vessels and enjoy the friendly hospitality communities offer in our area. Be sure to visit the heritage house that offers many interesting facts and artifacts about Old Perlican.

Grates Cove

 After stopping in Old Perlican, you can continue towards Bay-de-Verde and visit Grates Cove and enjoy the drive next to the ocean. View the National Historical Site "The Rock Walls" located throughout this small fishing community.



 Continue from Grates Cove to another fishing community. Enjoy the view of many historical buildings Bay- De-Verde has to offer.


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